Chances and Advantages of a Green Card

Chances of winning a green card

Did you know that over the years up to 40% of all US Diversity Visa Program participants have been disqualified due to minor errors in their application? There are many reasons why you should participate in the DV Program with USAGCD!

Benefits of Dealing with a Big Green Card Agency

By participating in the US Diversity Visa Program with USAGCD, you can rest assured that your application is submitted correctly and in the right time. Our green card experts check your application for accuracy not only once but twice, and they are there to guide you through every step of the green card application process. So you can lie back, relax and just dream of moving to the USA.

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Chances of winning with USAGCD

The prospects of winning a green card with us, according to statistics collected over decades, are between 1:25 and 1:75 (depending on the region / year) – recently, around 1:45 for Europeans. Since 2003, the United States has required all Green Card applications to be submitted online, and since then the number of applications has decreased dramatically. Due to new passport regulations, registrations will continue to decline significantly from 2019 onwards. So chances are likely to rise again to 1:25! This means that approximately one in every 25 participants wins a green card with us.

In addition, every year, more than 40% of all participants get disqualified due to various official mistakes. Since the US authorities don’t inform anyone of the reason behind disqualification, many people participate year after year again, unaware that it’s impossible for them to win.


This is where USAGCD comes in

We check each application multiple times and individually in order to prevent such mistakes and get the most out of each entry. That is why we can guarantee a correct and timely participation. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of immigration to the United States, thus we can provide excellent customer service when it comes to all kinds of DV Program topics. Statistics also prove that we’re right: again, about 50% of all winners of the DV Program from Germany participated with our help. Since our company is based in Germany and many of our clients come from Germany, this is a great result. It reflects our knowledge and experience and shows that participating with us is worthwhile.

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Why should you apply with USAGCD?


Guaranteed participation and certification

We guarantee your participation in the DV Program ! Each green card application is reviewed personally and individually by our international team of green card experts. After we have personally processed your green card application and successfully submitted it to the US authorities on time, you will receive a certificate from us by mail, which confirms your participation in the DV Program.


Extensive service with no worries

In addition to being here for you when you win, our Green Card team is here to provide guidance. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to submit an application or already have one in place; we’re here to answer your questions. You can call us every day from 8:00 until 10:00 pm. Whether by phone, email, or using our online chatting service – even on Sundays and holidays! Our trained staff oversees the entire application process, takes all necessary actions and sends you a letter to notify you of the results of your personal DV Program.


Government licensed immigration advisors

USAGCD employees are government licensed immigration consultants according to the American Immigrant Protection Act (Paragraph 1 of March 12, 2013 issue). The company was incorporated in London in 1996. Our green card agency has more than 20 years of experience in all matters related to the US Green Card and American immigration. Let us share our experience with you!


All year round registration

The US authorities only allow applications to be submitted within a specific period of 30 days. With USAGCD, you can apply for the official DV Program at any time of the year, and we will make sure to submit your entry for you in the right time.

US Diversity Visa Program

The United States grants 80,000 green cards to foreigners instead of 55,000 this year. Don’t miss the opportunity to live the American dream.

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