About us

Who are we?

USAGCD.COM is founded by lawyers and specialists in the immigration field with more than 20 years of experience in the law of immigration. The website has won awards on the Middle Eastern level thanks to its great services to clients across the Arab World and the Gulf countries in particular.

USAGCD.COM is supported by the latest tech in handling immigration cases and works with trained and experienced attorneys who represent the company’s vision in providing the best, most efficient, and cost-effective immigration and visa services

All of our cases are handled by the competent and experienced immigration professionals working at USAGCD.COM. These professionals consist of attorneys, licensed legal assistants, and advisors working in the fields of immigration. All of these attorneys have been excessively trained to be highly responsive and know how to effectively deal with government officials in order to maximize results for all visa applications.


Why do we stand out through our services?

USAGCD.COM uses highly advanced technologies, a wide range of management tools for immigration cases, and, of course, the best talents to ensure that your visa case is handled with the utmost of care. By serving thousands of satisfied clients, we know how to get things done

We have combined experience with thousands of cases filed, and a successful track record of handling all U.S. and Canadian visa cases.

We know these days that the U.S. government has placed complex barriers to entring its territory. Immigration rules and regulations became more complex. In order to qualify for moving to the United States, you must properly present your case to an immigration official who has the authority to grant or deny your admission.

US Diversity Visa Program

The United States grants 80,000 green cards to foreigners instead
of 55,000 this year. Don’t miss the opportunity to live the American dream.
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