Passport Requirements

In 2019 the US State Department issued a new regulation for participating in the US Diversity Visa Program. In addition to the current mandatory data, from now on a valid passport of the main applicant is required to enter the draw. Find out why this increases your chance to win!

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What data must be entered?

The US authorities grant more than 55,000 green cards annually allowing its winners unlimited residency and work in the United States. More than 14 million people from all over the world participate in the US Diversity Visa Program every year. The online application form requires the following details from the applicant:

Full name, gender, date and place of birth as well as the country of birth, current address, e-mail, passport number and country of issue, passport expiration date, highest educational level, digital photo, marital status, number of children, data and pictures of the husband and child (children)

Since you will need a passport if you win, the passport regulation only facilitates the additional procedure.

In order to ensure that the US authorities will accept your application, the passport must be valid until November 10, 2020 or at least until the end of the official registration period.

Note: If your passport expires before the DV Program results are announced, you must keep your expired passport or a copy of it. If you win, you should be able to prove to the US Consulate why you changed your passport number.

Passport data for the US Diversity Visa Program FAQ

  • What happens if I do not fill in all the required fields?

    Previous participation rules did not clarify what would happen if the required information was not provided. However, the modified US regulation clarifies that DV Program applicants will be disqualified if they fail to provide any data (including a valid photo).

    This is, in fact, not a major change but could be a hint towards a more strict treatment by the US authorities in the case of minor typographical errors in the original entry. Flawless entry is now more important than ever!

  • Do I also have to provide my family's passport details?

    No. Only the main applicant’s passport details must be entered to register for the US Diversity Visa Program. You do not have to provide passport details for your wife or children. But if you want to double your chances by submitting two entries as a couple, both applicants must provide their details

  • Why is there a passport regulation?

    The regulation has been passed to combat the fraud related to the official US Diversity Visa Program. It has become a norm in some countries for fraudulent third parties or agents to submit DV Porgram entries to people without their consent, by stealing photos from social media accounts or previous apps.

    In the event that any such person wins the DV Program, these third parties then extort the unnotified applicants by paying expensive sums to obtain the winning certificate.

    Since passport data is not as easily available as photos or other data, and is also very unique to each person, this should reduce the overall fraud related to entries of the US Diversity Visa Program.

  • Can I provide my passport details later?

    Yes, if you participate in the diversity immigrant visa Program with USAGCD, you can register with a few clicks and add your passport details at any time afterward by logging into your account. This wouldn’t be possible if you participated without the help of the USAGCD team.

How might USAGCD help me?

With more than 20 years of experience our Green Card experts know all the requirements of the US authorities. Government licensed immigration advisors will check your data and photos for accuracy and to ensure your participation in the official US Diversity Visa Program.

Increase your chances of winning the US Diversity Visa Program!

In the past two years, more than 50% of German card winners were among our clients – our success clearly speaks for itself!

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