Immigration to the United States

Immigration to the United States is a dream of freedom and endless possibilities – the USA is and will always remain the first destination for many people around the world. Hardly any other country has been formed by its immigrants like America, AKA the “melting pot of cultures”. But on the road to a new life, many things have to be taken into consideration. To help you with your immigration journey, we’ve gathered some of the most important advice for you.

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Reasons for immigration to the United States

Every year thousands of people apply for the US Green Card in hopes of pursuing a life of wealth and good fortune in America. But what makes immigration to the United States so appealing? We’ve listed the most common reasons for you in the following:

Ways of Immigration to the USA

How do we turn the dream of immigration to the USA into reality then? There are several ways to reach this goal. The following are the most common:

– US Diversity Visa Program

Winning the US Diversity Visa Program is perhaps the best and easiest way to get to the country of your dreams.

The DV Program, officially known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program or (DV), is an annual draw of 55,000 permanent residence permits (green cards) issued by the US government. Since its first release in 1994, it has evolved into a true model of success. Anyone who meets the requirements to participate in the US Diversity Visa Program can directly register for free with the US Department of State.

However, the application process is not entirely simple and the rules for the US Diversity Visa Program change a little bit from year to year. About 40% of all DV Program applicants are disqualified each year, often due to minor official mistakes. Thus, asking for assistance can result in a great benefit. Our USAGCD Green Card experts will ensure that your green card application is submitted to the US authorities correctly and on time. It’s an investment that will definitely pay off!

– Family Immigration

Family members who are citizens of the United States or green card holders are also eligible for permanent residence in the USA. Family immigration is divided into two categories that depend on the degree of kinship.

The right to live permanently in the USA is granted to the following groups of people: spouses (as well as future spouses), unmarried children under the age of 21, and parents of US citizens or green card holders. Those people will receive a permanent residence permit without waiting periods.

The second category includes siblings and children over the age of 21 of US citizens or green card holders. Only a limited set of Green Cards are available for them. In addition, they must usually expect longer waiting periods.

– Employment-based Immigration

But even without winning the US Diversity Visa Program or having American relatives, immigration to America is still possible. People who sign a contract with a company in the USA are eligible for work-based immigration. When it comes to looking for work, education is key! With higher qualifications, the chances of being hired by an American company increase.

The visa will then be binding on the relevant position and doesn’t yet confer a right to permanently stay in the United States. Nevertheless, it offers a wonderful opportunity to establish ways of living in America and get to know the country and its people better.

– Immigration through Investment

Entrepreneurs are always welcome in the USA – provided they bring in enough stock and plan to create jobs for at least 10 employees in the United States. The amount of the required minimum share capital varies between $ 90,000 and $ 1,800,000, depending on the state. Immigration through investment is particularly interesting for self-employed individuals with sufficient assets.

– Moving to the United States

Are you determined to move to America as soon as possible? Before leaving, we recommend you pay attention to the following:

After moving to the USA, you should take care of the following:

– Working in the USA

The land of opportunity still provides many roads for immigrants to become what they’ve always wanted to be.

DV Program winners whose visa is not linked to a specific workplace are particularly in a good place. They are completely free to choose where they want to settle and which company or position they want to work in in the USA. Alaska or Alabama, waiter or realtor – anything is possible!

A good education is an advantage because skilled workers have the best chances of finding employment in the USA. As an industrial nation, the US economy is strongly shaped by the service sector. Therefore, the following occupations are likely to be in great demand: medical staff, IT professionals, engineers and craftsmen.

– Living in the USA

What’s the best place to live in America? The lively New York, the cold Wisconsin, the idyllic Kansas, or the sunny Hawaii? The decision about where your new home should be is not an easy task. The United States, the third largest country in the world, is divided into 50 federal states and several climatic areas and time zones. There are unlimited options to where you could live in the USA.

Finally, we still have some good news for you: After about five years of immigrating to the USA, it’s even possible for green card holders to obtain US citizenship.

You’ve made a final decision and want to find your fortune in the USA?

Register now for the US Diversity Visa Program service. Our professional immigration experts will assist you in filling out the application form correctly which will greatly increase your chances of living in a land full of opportunity. We wish you good luck!

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US Diversity Visa Program

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